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Celebrating 50 years….
Billy Colasante has proven that independent pizza restaurants can be on top of the cutting edge in a large pizza chain market. His Pizza House restaurant, located at 747 E. Lincoln Ave., has been successfully in business for 50 years!

Colasante bought the Pizza House from Bob Tiberi and Richard Dorn, nearly 20 years ago; Colasante was their first hire, back in the 60's, and has been selling quality from the start.

Although 'Pizza' is in the name, the Pizza House is a full service Italian restaurant, with a menu that includes, veal parmesan, lasagna, ravioli and spaghetti and meatballs, all made from scratch using family recipes. While Italian is the restaurant's specialty, they do offer a wide variety of dishes to please almost any palate.

The pizza menu, although some things have changed in five decades, sticks to traditional homemade pizza's for the most part, but does offer some newer items, such as: White Pizza, Hawaiian Pizza, BBQ Chicken Pizza, Pesto Pizza just to name a few; and of course you can always build your own, if the mood fits you.

Colasante believes that sticking to one successful location has been a big part of his success. He gives a lot of credit to the experience of his managers, who have been there from the early days. Jeff Tiberi has been with Colasante for going on 36 years, and Doug Wilford has been there for 39 years. To round out the family business, his son's Rodd, Todd and grandson Damien, can be seen working along with Colasante most any night of the week.

With pizza ovens that are capable of putting out 120 pizzas' an hour, it's easy to see how they can accommodate the commercial business orders in the area.

The Pizza House is open for business 7 days a week. On behalf of the Pizza House management staff and me, thank you!

Billy Colasante